Quality Control

At Ignite, we place great importance on ensuring product quality. Therefore, if you are looking for an import partner in China, we are your ideal choice.

100% Guaranteed Quality

By selecting our Pro Plan and utilizing our preferred suppliers, we assure the quality of your products.

In case of any faulty items found during the product inspection at our warehouse, we will provide complimentary replacement services.

 Moreover, if you encounter any product defects within 15 days of receiving the shipment and furnish evidence, we will either provide a replacement or compensate you accordingly.

Our Product Inspection Process

Regular Inspection

Whether you opt for our Pro or Basic plan, we will send your goods to our warehouse for a thorough inspection with our complimentary general inspection service. Our product examination adheres to Level II, AQL2.5. It is equivalent to other inspection companies.

If you find any faulty product, we can rectify the quality issues at no additional cost if you utilize our preferred suppliers. However, if the problem is from your suppliers, we will support you in communicating with them until they solve it. You will be responsible for expenses such as logistics and travel fees.

If you require a specific inspection method or a lower defect rate, kindly contact our agent to ascertain if there are any extra charges.

Extensive inspection

We strongly suggest using our full inspection service if you aim to achieve a 0%  defect rate. With this service, we will thoroughly examine the entire product lot and identify any defective items. The hourly rate for this service is $5. You may contact our agent to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote for the rigorous inspection.

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