Our Credit Payment Policies

We offer more favorable payment terms than other companies to help small business owners and e-commerce sellers who stress about their cash flow.

Our Product Inspection Process

30% advance payment,
remaining against the bill of lading

The simplest and most prevalent form of payment involves paying a 30% deposit upfront to commence production, followed by paying the remaining balance when the cargo is on the verge of reaching your country’s port.
After the completion of payment, we will provide you with the bill of lading, which you will need to present at customs to collect your goods. This payment method is applicable only for sea shipment, and you have 10 to 30 days after the cargo departs from China to settle the balance.

Open Account

Chinese suppliers offer importers a payment term called Open Account (O/A) which permits payment of the balance after receiving the goods. Similarly, we facilitate O/A payment if you clear the import customs in your company’s name with good credit.
Under these terms, you pay a 30% deposit to initiate production and the remaining within 30-60 days after the shipment of goods. The credit limit for balance payments extends to $100,000 and 60 days.

Better Payment Terms for Regular Clients

Choose the proper payment terms for your business.

Flexible Credit Term

O/A payment option is not viable for buyers who do not possess a company or are incapable of officially declaring bulk imports. However, we provide improved payment conditions to aid the growth of such buyers' businesses.

We can reduce the amount to less than 30% or a credit period of up to 30 days, depending on your business model, collaboration duration, and quantities of goods.

Financial Backing to Support Business Scaling

We can assist you by collaborating with firms that offer safe loans to e-commerce companies if you have begun your e-commerce business and require capital to finance inventory and marketing campaigns.

These firms assess the performance of your online store, taking into account your revenue and business credit, and offer loans ranging from $5K to $2M.

You can replay the loan as a percentage of your future turnover, ranging from 1-20%. Additionally, if you use the loan, we provide a 20% discount on our service fee.

4 Simple Steps To Work With Us


Contact your agent and provide information about your business.


Your agent will assess your business situation.


Your agent will do an internal audit.


Your agent will provide you with the final payment terms.

Apply Payment Terms to Ignite.

You can get the best payment terms for your business.

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