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Pet Toys

 Pet toys are always in high demand, and we produce all types of toys in hypoallergenic materials that are safe for pets’ health.

Grooming Tools

Pet grooming supplies such as gloves, shower heads, toothbrushes, combs, paw cleaners, and more are readily available.

Pet Accessories

We source and customize numerous pet accessories such as pet beds, carriers, wearing, feeding bowls, etc. All our products are certified according to different countries’ policies.

Collars & Harnesses

Collars and harnesses made of leather, nylon, canvas, and other water-repellent fabrics are essential accessories for pets to go outside.

Pet Beds

Selecting durable and comfortable materials for pet beds is crucial for pet owners. Commonly-used materials include faux fur, polyester, cotton, plush, and leather.

Pet Carriers

Pet owners often take their dogs or cats out of the house, and it’s essential to have a safe pet transportation solution. Comfy car seats for dogs, cat backpacks, etc., are in high demand.

Do You Want More Product Categories?

We have a wide selection of products available if you require additional categories beyond the ones listed above. Please complete the form and provide the details of the products you wish to import from China.

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