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Fishing equipment is a specialized product for fishing enthusiasts. Customers tend to focus on the appearance and functionality of the products.


Cycling accessories, including bikes, helmets, shoes, and clothing, enhance cyclists’ comfort and performance.

Emergency Kits

Emergency kits are a necessary item for outdoor enthusiasts. They sell them as a complete set that includes an emergency blanket, a compass, a knife, etc.

Camping & Hiking

There is a wide range of outdoor products available for camping and hiking, such as sleeping pads, headlamps, and trekking poles. The camping market in the USA is rapidly expanding.


Travel items such as tents, storage bags, and pillows are in high demand as they can make trips more comfortable and convenient.

Umbrellas/ Sunshades

 Our custom-designed umbrellas and sun caps include golf, transparent, and folding umbrellas.

Do You Want More Product Categories?

We have a wide selection of products available if you require additional categories beyond the ones listed above. Please complete the form and provide the details of the products you wish to import from China.

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