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Sleep Companions

Find comfort and relaxation with our range of sleep companions, including a wake-up alarm clock, humidifier, cuddle pillows, led night light, etc. Customizable shapes and sizes.


Unleash your creativity with our DIY products, including Handmade houses, handmade decorative paintings, beaded bracelets, etc. We offer various themes, designs, and materials.

Inflatable Decoration

Add a playful touch with balloons, characters, etc. Customize designs, colors, and sizes to match your specific decoration needs.

Decorative Ribbon

Enhance gifts and crafts with our colorful and patterned ribbons. Various options are available.

light Strip

Create a vibrant ambiance with customizable light strips. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Artificial Plants

Lifelike and low-maintenance, our plants bring nature indoors. Perfect for homes, offices, or events.

Do You Want More Product Categories?

We have a wide selection of products available if you require additional categories beyond the ones listed above. Please complete the form and provide the details of the products you wish to import from China.

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